Rep. Todd Akin created a firestorm when he discussed ‘legitimate rape’ and then claimed he misspoke. Akin’s comment is so reprehensible that I can’t foresee a way for him to recover from it yet he has not withdrawn from the election. Certainly it will become a ‘finger pointing’ at the GOP but it is really the basic loss of voter respect that we must be concerned about.

Joe Biden is of an age where wisdom should have been achieved by now. Instead he used language and iterations to a racially mixed crowd. Biden, at a campaign rally in Virginia said Romney’s “going to let the big banks once again write their own rules – unchain Wall Street!” adding, “they’re going to put you all back in chains.”

Really, how can it be worse that it is now? For me, large banks have become the poster child that demonstrates how ‘those with the gold make the rules.’ In the last year I have had more banking communication issues, banking concerns, and escalating fees than in the prior decade. How about you? Do you feel that you are unchained from your bank?

What was also interesting was that the Reverends Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson didn’t open their mouths about Biden’s nor Aiken comments when they have opinions about almost everything? Could they be reserved because they will have a large role in the convention this week?

Where are the leaders? How are we going to rebuild the economy? Who can we trust? Our banks have stopped lending money, our educational system no longer properly funded, we allow assault weapons to be sold to civilians, we are distressed that some of our champions are accused of drug use, and when these circumstances are created by people whose positions requires intelligence and diplomacy we need new leaders.  Like many of you, I found both them to be offensive but what are our choices?

I am angry but what can I do?  Similarly business, like politicians believes that they can rationalize what they are doing to us. They simply don’t care because we have no choice. Mergers and acquisitions have reduced competition. Take it or leave it, we have no other choices, same with the election. How can we trust businesses or politicians enough to do business with them or elect them?

It’s going to be whom you vote ‘against’ not whom you support. It’s not about whom you want to do business with, often you have no choice.

I am AKIN for the political conventions, which start this week.

Are they going to focus on the rape of the marketplace? Will they discuss how banks, cable companies, and others continue to ignore the message that we no longer trust politicians, world-class athletes, and our financial institutions?

I am Biden my time.

I have to seriously think about how either party can bring us back to stability.

Who do you trust these days?

Have we forgotten ‘what our mother taught us?’

Or has that changed as well?

Didn’t your mother tell you to be respectfully?

To be honest?

To treat others the way you want to be treated?

My mother taught me the basics and I don’t believe they have changed.

I would vote for her if she ran and you would probably vote for your mom as well.