There are lots of challenges to creating a culture of innovation. Innovation is a product of discomfort but culture eats innovation strategy for breakfast. In other words, corporate culture is more powerful than any individual strategy. We must challenge and change culture to create innovation.

Effective innovators have a history of volunteers selected from high achievers and offered functional diversity. 

To understand what drives innovation we need to address innovation challenges:
  1. Failure to understand the need for innovation by employees, customers, stakeholders, etc
  2. A pipeline of uninspiring ideas
  3. An aversion to risk taking
  4. Poor execution
Leaders need to drive innovation by:
  1. Inspiring curiosity
  2. Challenging current perspectives
  3. Support an environment of freedom
  4. Campaign for discipline
Associates should always:
  1. Question assumptions
  2. Think differently
  3. Experiment
  4. Set Goals that get done

 We have to stay one step ahead by doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing.