Shift Happens! You are the Key to changeIt’s time to ‘shift’ your thinking and create your ‘bucket list’ No incentive or meeting company, no matter how smart and ambitious its leaders, will continue to grow as long as its strategy is based on out modeled business principles. I call this process 3D Thinking. It’s about getting inside the box, separating components, and looking at the marketplace.


Identify what “keeps your clients’ awake at night. Define the real problem by going ‘inside the box.’


Pick a problem people will pay to fix with your product or services. Look “through the box” as if it had a window to the world.

Survey and sell to your competition by looking at your target audience that is ready to make a purchase. Determine if your product or service is a better solution. Remember you will have only one chance to make the first impression.


Be ready to sacrifice. Most solutions fail because we don’t move forward with a solution. Move ‘outside the box’ to expand your audience and interact with them to create a transformational relationship. Become diligent in your efforts.

4-Clients are in control, not you

Have a way to get Client feedback so you can find out what they really want from you. You don’t want to be the last to know what your Client wants. It’s not about what you think you know but what you need to know.

5-Clients expect free

Give your Clients ideas for free to make them hungry to buy from you.

Show them how a meeting or incentive makes them money instead of costing them money. Do not give away what you sell but add value to what you have sold. The IRF, IMA Incentive Council, MPI and SITE are resources for added value information.

6-Individual marketing beats mass marketing

People do business with people not companies.

7-Clients buy from people they trust.

You are selling yourself. Clients buy you first, your products second.

8-Be ridiculous and willing to fail

Failure is the second cousin to success.

9-Have a strong internal focus

Commitment is needed to make change. Mistakes will happen. Learn from it and move on.

10-Keep the pipeline flowing

Don’t just make a whiteboard of ideas. Write down the idea and pass it around the room. Ask everyone to add, subtract, multiply, or divide. The goals is dozens of ideas not criticizing or accepting just one. The Speed of Implementation Determines Success.