Thursdays-11AM CST-  help you-NOW-to adapt and change your

Recession Revenue Rescue tactics 


this is the next step on your journey to bright ideas

Tactical Thursdays

to help you adapt


Believe in yourself

Overcome objections

Increase performance and satisfaction

Make informed decisions and just do it

Remove Fear As A Barrier to Innovation

Step out of your comfort zone on the Journey To Bright Ideas


Thursdays-11AM CST-  help you-NOW-to adapt and change your

Recession Revenue Rescue tactics 


Tactical Tips & Thoughtful Principles To Accelerate Your Success

Based on Jim’s latest book you will discover how to think differently, communicate better, and make more money by thinking ‘inside’ the box.

As we emerge from COVID-19 many business persons want insights that can accelerate their business skills and results.

Thoughtful Tuesday and Tactical Thursday Webinars

These webinars will bring innovation and un-imagined ways to adapt your supplied resources to create, capture, and accelerate new value into your life and business.

They will expose you to a diverse learning environment providing assistance, laser-focused on your organization, with the tools and knowledge essential to become more successful, specific to your business.

Our webinar includes tactical resources, templates, and other time-savings, money-making tips, and tools to help you evaluate and discover new opportunities post COVID-19.


On Tuesdays Jeorge G.  Holmes will focus on how to value your presence in all aspects of your life.

Thoughtful Tuesdays help attendees discover timeless principles that will build on ones personal legacy for greater influence.Tuesdays help attendees step out of their comfort zone.

On Thursdays, James D. Feldman explains how to think differently by going inside the box. 

Tactical Thursdays will help attendees create a vision where others are not looking, capture what others are not seeing, and help create infinite possibilities .
…and help discover infinite possibilities.

Want to break free from the past, boost your energy and impact your future during these times of high-velocity change? Tactical Thursdays are a kick-start, a mind stretcher, a sweaty palm and high colonic for your business.


Upon conclusion of each webinar we will provide complimentary access to the presentation coupled with additional resources.

In addition you will have the opportunity to collaborate with Jim or Jeorge or both with a One-On-One consultation (fee based).

At the conclusion of the webinar, you will receive an authorization code and PIN to opt-in and receive this FREE $1000 Grocery Savings Certificate … food for thought-get it?

(Each webinar will have new infographics)

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It is important to note that this is only open to CEOs, entrepreneurs, business owners, startups, and upper managers that can benefit from the combined experiences gleaned from our interaction.

Our straight talk increases your chances of accomplishment .

We ensure that everyone is fully committed to the process and agrees to reduce distractions and commit to information immersion.

All attendees will be notified of future webinars, access to resources, and additional tips.