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IQ Creative Idea Exchange™

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D-A-T-I-N-G Your Customer®

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Change Management

Shift Happens!®

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Stop The Stupid Stuff®

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Problem Solving

3D Thinking™

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Player Insistence®

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Jim’s keynote presentations and topics demonstrate creative, innovative techniques that let you compete and dominate in radically changing environments using your existing resources. He customizes each ‘conversation’ offering ‘plain talk for smart people.’

As a is a highly accomplished Senior Executive, Entrepreneur, Advisor, and Thought Leader he has a history of driving change, innovation, and an improved customer experience for companies across a range of industries including automotive, telecommunications, hospitality, and consumer packaged goods.

He delivers insight, wisdom, and big-picture thinking at the intersection of CHANGE, INNOVATION, CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT, LEADERSHIP, Satisfaction guaranteed!

Change Management, Innovative Problem Solving, Customer Service, Hospitality/Tourism, Persuasive Presentations, and 3D Thinking are some of his main topics. He customizes each ‘demonstration’ to your company, organization and/or audience. Jim offers plain talk to// smart people. He has conversations with your audience. He engages them.

Several years ago, Jim trademarked Shift Happens!® because he saw the landscape changing and the difficulty of dealing with change. Let him teach your audience to deal with and thrive on change. If you want to make Shift Happen consider a no obligation discussion of what Jim can provide to your next meeting, event, conference, or retreat.

Preview Jim’s most popular topics below.

Change Management – Shift Happens!®

The velocity of business change has increased to the point that you must be able to constantly shift your thinking and emphasis to address issues and opportunities as they arise. Management practices that may have worked yesterday may not work today. Your employees development and your customer retention must change. You must shift your thinking & start to manage change.

Innovative Problem Solving – 3DThinking

Jim has developed a process to help your keynote participants to start the creative problem solving process. You don’t have to be born an innovator or an entrepreneur to learn these simple steps and implement them in your business and personal life.

Customer Service – DATING Your Customer®

These days, even if your customers appear completely satisfied with your product or service, 40%-50% of them will leave you and start doing business with your competition. In these programs, participants will learn the most important steps to creating great customer service and retention. It identifies and capitalizes on flexibility, innovativeness and stress tolerance, and provides an action summary for implementation.

Some of Jim’s Customer Service topics are:

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