Steps to Make a Successful Sales Pitch


Steps to Follow to Make a Successful Sales Pitch

A Sales pitch includes everything from face to face selling i.e. B2C sales to corporate sales or B2B.
Since the presentation has a very critical outcome for the presenter, it is important to create a professional presentation which creates the right impact. This covers both product sales as well as service sales.
Structure of Sales Pitch Template:
The Sales Pitch format from Presentation-Process covers:
The first step is to define what presentation would cover and how long it is expected to take..
The next step is to introduce the company, product or sales person depending on what the presentation is about.
Problem Addressed
This slide talks about the key problem areas faced by the customer that the product or service or solution will address. This ‘you-to-me- approach of starting with customer issues engages the audience right away.
Comprehensive Solution
Once the issues are clearly identified this slide covers the solution range offered by the company or individual.
Key Product Features, Benefits
The sales pitch then covers the key product features, and the benefits to the customer.
Value Chain
This part covers how the product or service will fit into the value chain.
Comparison with Competition
A table of comparison shows how the offering differs from that of competition.
Customer Testimonials or Case Study
This section builds the faith of the customer in the product or solution by sharing case studies of existing customers, sharing their feedback etc..
Company Overview
The last section covers the details of the company (or individual) offering the service including the team members involved, history of the company etc. to build trust.
In the final segment of the sales presentation, the presenter covers the next steps to close the sale, asks and addresses any questions and shares his or her contact details.

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