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Young Inventor

Innovation is how we make money from creativity.

Jim is often called The Bright Idea Guy™ by his clients. He brings a vision and clarity to your audience by focusing on the end results and then creating the path to get there. Jim’s started his first innovative business when he was 7 years old.

Discovering that many others his age were opening lemonade stands he realized they all needed supplies. Jim purchased wholesale quantities of lemonade mix, sugar, and paper cups. Every evening he went door-to-door offering the ‘lemonade kits’ to the moms for less than what it would cost them to purchase all the items separately. At the end of the summer he had over $350 profit in the bank.

The need for Innovation has never been clearer. There is more competition than ever before. Because the older model of long product cycles, limited competition, and complacent consumers with little information is dying, and a newer, faster competitive model that relies on more information, more readily available, with lower costs of entry, and more competitors growing Innovation is now a requirement. It’s no longer about cost cutting, outsourcing, or efficiency; it’s about Innovation.

Jim is a catalyst, creator, and innovation catalyst for dozens of companies that deliver “the Product of the Product” to thousands of their customers worldwide. This presentation helps your organization to unlock and create an innovative culture. Having an effective innovation culture is often overlooked for long term success. Yet many organizations tend to view their culture as static, Business As Usual (BAU). It’s about the Innovation IQ. Imagine. Instill. Involve. Inspire. Innovation culture require a commitment that creates the culture’s values, norms, and attitudes that are the driving force of success. Not only does it involve risk-taking it also accepts failure as part of the learning process.

Jim challenges BAU and product/service mix to determine if it is more heavily weighted towards offers that encourage less risk taking, often mere line extensions, minimal improvements, and even a repositioning of current offerings.

He now operates several businesses that serve a very diverse Customer base. www.onlythebestgifts.com www.insiderstravelbenefits.com www.goldmarketingsolution.com





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