Learn from The Bright Idea Guy

innovation consultant and public speaker

People have called Jim the ‘bright idea guy‘ all his life.

How many people do you know who have:

  • Started their own lemonade wholesale business when they was barely in grammer school?
  • Bought and sold a railroad car full of institutional size cans of spaghetti sauce while in college?
  • Created the first individual incentive travel program?
  • Invented a product called watch winders?
  • Created a food co-op during college for fraternities and sororities?
  • Introduced dozens of new products to new markets?
  • Ran hundreds of sweepstakes and promotions for companies like McDonald’s, Disney and Frito Lay?

The answer to every one of those questions is probably–NONE.

It’s innovative problem solving like this that has kept Jim fired up as a serial entrepreneur, busy as a consultant and sought-after as a speaker. Jim takes these experiences, breaks them down into bite size components for your audience and teaches them how to become innovative problem solvers. Not everyone is born an ‘idea guy or gal,’ but they can become one.

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