Customer Service is not a department, it is a state of mind. It can make or break your company. In an age, when reviews are available online for virtually any company, product or service, it is especially important to ensure great customer service to keep existing customers and to draw in new customers. Customer expectations have risen and service has fallen.

This page has several ‘historical’ videos. Give it time to load. These golden oldies are examples of the ‘conversations’ Jim had with various audiences. 

Topic: DATING Your Customer®

Do you think your Customers are satisfied? Customer satisfaction doesn’t always mean customer loyalty. These days, even if your Customers appear completely satisfied with your product or service, 40%-50% of them will leave you and start doing business with your competition.


Jim will show your audience how to:

  • D – Dazzle customers with your service.
  • A – Anticipate the needs of your customers by emphasizing service over sales.
  • T – Treat your customers well by being a problem solver.
  • I – Innovate by understanding most rules should be flexible.
  • N – Nurture your employees and suppliers by giving them the care and respect you want them to give your customers.
  • G – Guarantee that your customers, employees and suppliers keep coming back, because without them you are out of business.

DATING Your Customer® is Jim’s most popular Customer Service topic. In this interactive, results-oriented presentation, participants will learn the most important steps to creating great customer service and retention. It identifies and capitalizes on flexibility, innovativeness and stress tolerance, and provides an action summary for implementation.

Topic: Meaningful Memory Provider

No matter how wonderful they were the first time, most experiences become marginally less enjoyable and beneficial the second time, even less so the third time, and so on until you finally realize that the experience no longer engages you. In Becoming a Meaningful Memories™ Provider, Jim shows you how to create first and subsequent customer experiences that reduce the potential for this commoditization.


Jim will show your audience how to:

  • Create bold, innovative customer service that provides Meaningful Memories for your customers
  • Engage customers in personal way
  • Focus on people, education, value creation, benefits, opportunities, innovation and next generation approaches
  • Exceed customer expectations, so customers become your biggest fans

This program shows you how to create experiences that engage customers in a personal way so you leave an indelible, favorable impression. It provides insights that create transformational change within your organization that results in long-term sales growth.

A Meaningful Memories Provider mindset requires that your company change its focus from a task-based perspective to a process-based perspective.

A task-based perspective treats each customer interaction as a one-time event and emphasizes fulfilling the customer’s immediate need, concluding the encounter and moving on to the next customer. This perspective is outdated and will no longer serve to increase your competitive lead.

The process-based perspective is an integrated one, taking into mind set account all departments and resources and the innovations each may be able to contribute toward creating customer interactions that are memorable. This perspective allows you to create true, lasting relationships with your customers that, in turn, create both repeat and referral business.

Being process-based means employees at every level–from executives to front-line staffers to rear echelon support staff–must feel they are in an environment that sees them as facilitators in creating an experience that exceeds customer expectations. They must have clear guidelines in which to work, but they must know they have latitude within those guidelines to create experiences that immerse and involve your customers and create a unique and memorable experience.

Jim’s background in the hospitality industry is especially relavant to any audience. Case studies include: Ritz-Carlton, Carnival Cruise, United Airlines, Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Hyatt Hotels and numerous tourism boards.

Topic: One Size Does Not Fit All

Jim’s signature story–“The Robe Story”–demonstrates how One Size Does Not Fit All in customer service. This funny, content-rich presentation shows how some meet and others exceed customer expectations.


Jim will show your audience how to:

  • Go beyond customer expectations
  • Use innovative problem solving to create a customer friendly solution
  • Use other people’s customer service ideas as your own

The robe story is humorous, but also demonstrates how extraordinary customer service can change your customer’s experience. In an age of blogging, social media and online reviews, you are no longer the only way your company or organization is being promoted, your customers are out there telling their friends or followers about you. And instead of telling one person who may tell another, they can instantly tell hundreds – and sometimes even tens of thousands of people about their experience with your product or service.

I’m sure you have learned that in customer service, and robes, one size does not fit all. So what will you do about it? Jim’s speech shows you simple ways to empower employees to satisfy customers and create meaningful memories for each one. Now that Jim has experienced a personal weight loss shift, the one size fits all robe story has been updated with his own transformation that demonstrates how Shift Happens!

Topic: Doctor Travel’s® Cure for the Common Trip

Whether you travel for business or pleasure, in the United States or abroad, Doctor Travel® will help you to recognize and overcome travel predicaments and provide great solutions. A copy of Jim’s book “Doctor Travel’s® Cure for the Common Trip” is included for each meeting planner  when you fill out the contact form below.


Jim will show your audience how to:

  • Overcome travel nightmares and survive the consolidation of airlines, TSA, poorly trained staff and outsourced reservationists.
  • Real world advice for packing, jet lag, group tours, tipping, languages and photo ops
  • Find humor in the least desirable traveling situations

Doctor Travel® has written a book, delivered hundreds of speeches and traveled millions of miles. He has missed flights, got bumped off flights, slept in airports, seated next to unruly passengers and experienced insane landings. He’s a private pilot, taken cruises, riverboats, rented cars, stayed in almost every type of hotel and even been a bathroom attendant. Jim has been to Europe, South America, South Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, and all over North America. He’s taken business and incentive groups to venues large and small on “cloud hoppers” and chartered jets. You name it, he’s probably experienced it.

He believes that the best experiences are the ones that happen in real life and not the scripted variety. He speaks with a delightful ridicule of seriousness as he describes his travels and offers real world advice. He offers advice on such topics as packing, jet lag, group tours, tipping, languages, and photo ops.

Doctor Travel® is recognized internationally as the leading authority on “The Cure For The Common Trip”. He is often the requested speaker for meeting planners, incentive travel agencies, and convention and visitor bureaus. Doctor Travel® offers a true rarity in the field of keynote addresses: a presentation that is simultaneously contemporary, present-day, and truly practical to his audiences many of whose unreasonably demanding travels to the event will be unsullied in their most recent recollections!

Doctor Travel® resonates with meeting planners, business and leisure travelers. Is in frequent demand as a travel speaker regularly interviewed and quoted by publications worldwide. If your audience would like to learn, laugh, listen to the life of a million-mile traveler then this keynote or breakout is a perfect upgrade.


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