Be Different: Fire Your Clients

Your fired

There are some great lessons to be learned from ‘reality’ TV these days.

Most of the information is about what not to do if you don’t want TMZ at your door or 60 MINUTES.


However some of the ‘business reality shows’ offer great insight into how to run a business or often, how not to run one.

Whether it’s Shark Tank, The Profit, or The Apprentice lessons are relevant and applicale to almost any size business.

Your fired has become Donald Trump’s tag line. Yet today more people have heard it in real life than we can imagine.

Learn from the Donald. Fire those clients that can’t be profitable or productive.

The first strategy is to identify clients who are neither loyal nor productive, and then fire them.

Although you may have worked with some of those clients for many years, don’t let emotions cloud your judgment. If you want to make Shift Happen for yourself, never tolerate clients who aren’t profitable.

To strengthen your business, keep only the clients with whom you have a good relationship, who consistently use your problem-solving services, and who are loyal to your business. You may find it useful to rank your clients as A, B, or C.

An A Client is profitable and productive and forms a strong businessrelationship with your company. A clients need your problem solving skills and will pay for the solutions you provide. They will also bring in new business through referrals. A clients are financially sound and offer a good product or service to their own clients. You will fortify your business with this type of client.

B Clients have the potential to become A clients within 12 months.  B clients may be new, but they should demonstrate all of the qualities of an A client in a short period of time. They should have established a good market position, and they may use your business as their primary resource.

C Clients will never have the potential to become B clients. They are not profitable nor do they have the potential to change. They are not market leaders. Identify C clients quickly and remove them from your action list by saying Your Fired.

Both of you will be glad you did.